We are from Karnataka and happily married for last 4+ years, as part of complete family, we always had dream of a having child from 1st year onward, as we both are into working profession we always had high tension pressures along with meeting & spending quality family time each other in very odd timings due to which couldn’t focus on full family.

We did travel different parts of India, like Delhi, Bangalore & Chennai as part of job profession, along with we met few doctors for treatment, unfortunately we were never given full hope by anyone of them expect ended up spending money and time too.

Finally, as part of our working profession we moved to Pune and its all new place, new people and culture, initially we had few difficulties in finding right doctor “ as everyone say when you meet the right person, nothing would stop you ahead and no looking back!”

After full research we heard the name Dr.Seema Jain , we still remember the 1st day of our meeting, she is calm, very friendly and professional, spoke to us with soft voice, nice words and she explained us the complete treatment cycle. Doctor gave us time to decide and get back to her, we have decided to have family and met her back and explained our working professional timings and job tensions, Doctor listed to us very patiently and she explained us the further treatment full procedure and gave us “HOPE” for our future.

Few Key Pointers:

Timely Doctor visitsLess medicinesFriendly atmosphereStaff of Dr.Seema Jain (So kindly to patients and very professional)Yoga & Meditation classes is additional bonus from Doctor, Good home work for Both Husband and wife.

My wife is carrying now, she is 8th month, and we are so excited to welcome the new born baby, and can’t wait till the delivery date, as always said sometimes worth waiting, we are just counting days!

Dr.Seema Jain, we love you from deep down of our hearts and it’s not something we can end up saying “thank you”. So, I make a promise to you that I would refer your name to as many friends & families as possible; to make sure spread smile across other family faces too!

Love you Doctor to showing us “Hope” and making it reality!

We will see you back with 2+1 next time

Mrs & Mr Singh

I had my first miscarriage in Sept 2014. I had not tried much for baby that time so was very happy that I was the lucky one.

I had D&c and I did all possible test to find out what went wrong.

After 3 months of test and result... we could just arrive at one conclusion that it was God's will.

Due to this I took a break from my work of 1 year went to usa with my husband to give all a fresh start.

Well I came back to india so it was a trial period from jan 2015 to jan 2016.

I changed two gyne..I went through series of test...some said prolactin was high so mri was done to see if m having any tumor in brain .I went through several useless treatment.

One very good gyne of pune said.u r not ovulating even with hcg ..and she looked as if she had no idea what to do next.

Then in Feb 2016 I came across Dr Seema Jain.

I really loved the way she dealt with each patient.she did all type of test which definitely sounded like too much money that time .but that was start of investigation from her side.

I was spell bound to see her command over medicine.

She came to know abt my issue in just 2 months that my Fallopian is blocked which might be due to my previous miscarriage .

I wasted my one year , had I known this I would not have saved 365 days of frustration , trial and stress.

Mam started my ivf , it did not work out for first fresh cycle but it worked out next month for frozen embryo transfer and in may 2016 I was pregnant.

I see many patient of dr Seema Jain with different type of issue and I love the way mam gives each grl the blessing to become a mom.

I always keep writing email to mam for even slightest of issue and she replies to each mail.

I thought I would never become mom but it was just direction and treatment of mam.

Still long way to go till I deliver my baby but my all tention and stress disappear if I just see face of mam.

She is our God in disguise .

If patient see hope in their doctor's eye they become hopefull and frankly speaking I never saw mam worried she always have that confidence in her eyes that grl u don't worry u r going to be mom for sure.

I love ma'am for her calm nature , smiling face, and one stop solution of all infertility issues.

Nilesh & Richa Manjhi

Our experience with Dr Seema Jain had been great. She regularly used to monitor my pregnancy and got test done at regular interval to avoid risk at later stage. She is very experienced doctor. She had been saying since 6th month that fluid is on higher side, however it was not reflected in ultrasound report. It was later confirmed in the last month of pregnancy. We got baby delivered in 37th week. When my wife got admitted in hospital for delivery, we had very little hope for natural delivery. One of our relatives is also a doctor. Infact my relative had also told us that there is very little chance of normal delivery. After admission in hospital, at one moment of time, my wife had told her that she would like to go for c-section. Dr Jain is the one who insisted for natural delivery. And she did this! If I've to give grade to her, I would give 10/10.

Satabdi Ghosh

While planning for my first pregnancy I was surprised to know about a cyst in my ovary. I meet Dr. Seema Jain first time in Aditya Birla Memorial hospital and took her consultation. Soon I conceived under her medication and doing regular exercise. But the entire 1st trimester of my pregnancy I was suffering from Subchorionic bleeding. Many times I was hospitalized. However she well took care of the situation with proper treatment and saved the little life inside me. Nevertheless my struggle continued with chickenpox infection at the beginning of 2nd trimester. I became mentally depressed in continuing that pregnancy. Again she supported me pathologically as well as psychologically to overcome that situation. At last in the 3rd trimester again I experienced a different sickness called Vertigo but cured soon. After a long 36 weeks of continuous struggle, finally I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Thanks to Dr. Seema Janin for her valued treatment and appreciated consultation for my motherhood.

Shilpa Pathak

My experience with Dr. Seema mam was good. From beginning of my pregnancy I visited her and got good treatment. She always advised the things which helped me during pregnancy. I followed her advises and delivered a healthy baby with normal delivery. I am very thankful to her and would recommend to all.

Shridevi Shelar

Luckily we met Dr. Seema at ABMH, and after consulting with her we feel that she is the one who will be completing our dream of parenting a baby.

She is very caring about each and every patient. Perfect guidance and treatment process is best thing we observed here. Knowing each and every patient by name and history is unique thing we saw in Dr Seema Jain.

Suggestion- it will be better if Dr. Is available daily at clinic so that immediately one can come in any urgency & waiting time will also get reduced.

Prachi Abhale

Thanks to Dr. Jain, I am a mother of a sweet angel today...!! I suffered a miscarriage during my first pregnancy, 4th month, and I was shattered. But with her accurate diagnosis and treatment I carried my baby full term and had a safe and sound delivery. Her positive attitude and counselling are the best qualities for which one should go to her. Many times during pregnancy I went to her with a whole list of problems\doubts and she patiently answered them all...!!

Once again a big big thanks. I am a happy mother today.

Shiny Chatoth

On 21/09/2015 at 1.49 PM Dr Seema uttered the sentence which I was longing to hear for almost 1.5 yrs 'Shiny here comes your baby'. The joy I heard in her voice came only because we both had tried hard to make sure this pregnancy goes well.

I first went to Dr Seema due to difficulty in conceiving. After some blood test it was confirmed that my sugar level was high and I had PCOD. After controlling my sugar level with Diet, Exercise and Medicine I conceived but that pregnancy and the next one could not be saved. Thrombophilia test showed Protein S deficiency which results in blood clots. I had already given up but Dr Seema's persistence gave me strength and I decided to try one more time. With medicine for blood thinning and daily injection till 34th week I delivered a healthy baby girl in my 37th week. I can never thank Dr Seema enough for my little bundle of joy. The bful smile which my baby gives me every morning reminds me of the effort and dedication which Doctor had put in taking care of me. I wish you all the happiness and luck. People like us need doctor like you who are patient enough to handle our cases and give us hope to have a complete family.

Dr. Rooma Sukhwani

Being my first pregnancy i wanted it to be the most memorable. The journey was made smooth by Dr Seema Jain Ma'm.

I had read all the reviews that said she is very busy, does not talk much with patients and all. But my first visit to the doc ( and it was just a trial, if we liked it then only continue) and all the briefing done to us made my husband feel lets continue here. Whenever i was worried for anything related to my pregnancy i would mail her and would always get a reply mail within an hour. Though i never asked her number, in the later stage of pregnancy she even shared her number and once she even called me and messaged at 11pm to know if i did my USG. The job was not done until then. I got a good postnatal attention as well until I stayed in hospital. She even visited me on Sunday. Overall a very good experience considering the doctors advice, treatment and concern.

Payal Sharma

Very much satisfied with the doctor and would highly recommend to expecting parents. Doctor Seema is highly experienced and maintains utmost patience with all patients. We went through couple of complications like jaundice, thyroid, gestational diabetes etc but doctor helped us to remain calm at all occasions. Pre natal classes were also very helpful

Monika Saini

Overall experience has been really good, doctor seema jain is one gem person both as a doctor and as a person glad to choose her as my care provider, had attained yoga sessions to at her clinic and it really helped me a lot through out my pregnancy. Thanks to Dr and her staff at gyno galaxy for all the help and supported during entire tenure.

Suchitra Tyagi

I remember the day when we first visited Dr.Seema Jain a year back back. My wife had missed abortion and diagnosed as di-delphi uterus. We were in great tension because of the previous abortion and the problem with the uterus. Upon visiting Dr Seema Jain, all our worries were gone. She gave us confidence that there is nothing to worry and everything will be fine. Under her observation my wife got pregnant after IUI treatment and treated well through out the pregnancy. At the completion of 8th month of pregnancy, my wife needed to be hospitalized due to emergency. In such panic situation also she has taken care well and all decisions were taken well in benefit of patient. At the end we were very happy and blessed with boy. Nurse and their supporting staff were also very good and services were prompt. Overall good experience.

Ruchita Vaidya

Dr. Seema Jain is the Best Gynaecologist I have met so far... sharing my reallife story..

Dr. Seema Jain – The angel who handed over my princess to me!! HI, I'm Ruchita Vaidya. I was married in 2011. We planned for our first baby in 2012. Prior to pregnancy, I never had any issue of blood pressure. But During 3rd month of pregnancy, I was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with PIH (pregnancy induced Hypertension), in other words high blood pressure during pregnancy. All other reports were normal. I left my job and was fully concentrating on my health and in turn for baby's health. We were taking all precautions and medicines as instructed by our gynaecologist in Mumbai. I was visiting my gynaecologists regularly as per her instructions. In June 2013, when I was 31 week pregnant, we met with unexpected incidence of IUD (Intra Uterus Death) and we lost our baby.

For Next whole year, I was in depression. Though my family supported me a lot, I was very much afraid to take second chance for baby. For whole year, I could not get that incident out of my mind for a single minute.

In 2014, when my husband Kishor and I were at Delhi (away from my parents and my in-laws), we planned for our baby. As expected, I suffered from PIH during this pregnancy also. Apart from regular pregnancy medicines, PIH related medicines like Alphadopa and Lobet were started from 2nd month of pregnancy. We both were in lot of tension and for being on safer side, I returned to Mumbai at my parents' home. I consulted few gynaecologists in Mumbai and everyone marked my case as high risk pregnancy. By their opinion, we were almost prepared for premature delivery. After meeting each Gynaec, my tension had increased.

We kept record of my blood pressure (readings were taken twice everyday). But it was gradually rising as weeks passed. From 4th month, I stopped having any salt in my food. I started Yoga for pregnancy. Yoga at Mrs. Pooja Padhye at Borivali, Mumbai gave me a lot of relief from tension. Due to both theses, my blood pressure was almost stable in 4th & 5th month.

But, whenever I used to visit any Gynaec, instead of feeling supported, my BP used to shoot up (due to reaction/ response of doctor). Everybody with very serious face was preparing my mind to deliver at 7th month with C-section. I used to fear to go to any doctor.

My Husband supported me a lot. For being with me, he changed job and came to Pune. This was real gift for me. In my 6th month of pregnancy, I shifted to Chinchwad, Pune to be with him. Here alongwith Kishor, I was pampered by my loving in-laws –aai (mother), baba (father), dada (brother), vahini (bhabhi) and Prathamesh (nephew).

I registered at best hospital at Chinchwad i.e. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH). We checked senior gynaecologists list at ABMH, googled some sites, enquired at some of our friends and we came to know about Dr. Seema Jain. I registered at Dr. Seema Jain for delivery of my baby. This was the best decision we took!

When I met Dr. Jain, it was very pleasant experience like her personality. Doctor carefully checked all reports of both pregnancies. Doctor's method of counselling and consoling made me more confident and strong. Some tests were done and medicines were changed. She was the first Gynaec during my both pregnancies, who showed confidence and made me relaxed. I was so much relieved that I actually started looking forward to meet doctor.

My BP was almost stable from 6th month. Slowly I crossed 7th Month. Each passing day was not creating tension but was making us happy. We were happy that our baby was getting enough time for development. For all this happiness credit goes to Dr. Jain. Still we were mentally prepared for Caesarean, but doctor gave us hope for natural birth of baby.

In 8th month doctor increased frequency of sonography and NST. We followed all instructions given by doctor. With doctor's support, I managed to cross 36 weeks. Doctor was very much happy and supportive and told us that baby's growth is sufficient now we can deliver, still we can go further. With doctor's permission, we waited further. We continued for NST every alternate day. At 38th week, we were overjoyed about the development of baby before bringing it to the world.

Still, we were very much worried about delivery every passing night. On 20th June, we silently remembered our first baby and prayed God to protect our second baby.

Doctor Jain informed us that baby is fully developed and should be delivered to avoid any further complications. Yet doctor allowed us to get admitted to ABMH at an auspicious muhurta. Doctor assured us that she will try for natural birth and will go for C-section only if required (keeping both baby and mother safe).

Finally on 23rd June 2015, I was admitted at 2 am to ABMH. Doctor Jain was informed about baby's movement almost every hour. Finally at 1:29 pm, in Doctor's presence, I gave natural birth to my baby. Dr. Seema Jain, like an angel sent by God, finally handed over my princess Mukta to me. All staff and other doctors at ABMH were very much supportive and caring.

With my personal experience, all I can say is Dr. Seema Jain is real angel for mothers like me.

Thank you doctor, Thank you very much for coming in our life and helping us!

Sonia Razdan

We had a very pleasant experience with Dr Seema Jain. She sits in Aditya Birla as well as has a clinic GynaeGalaxy in Baner.

Dr Seema Jain helped us with all our queries at various stages of my pregnancy.

She does not belive in unnecessary tests or medicines and advocates practicing a healthy and active lifestyle throughout the pregnancy and delivering normally.

She also organizes "Welcome Motherhood" program at her clinic which includes a 1 hr Yoga session and 1 hr pre natal class on what to expect during pregnancy.

The yoga classes helped us understand and practice safe exercising during pregnancy.

The most helpful session was of breathing exercises which really helped a lot during the actual Delivery time.

The Pre Natal sessions also helped us understand what to expect at each stage of pregnancy, proper diet and nutrition, different types of delivery and post delivery self and baby care.

Thanks to the proper guidance of Dr Seema Jain and the helpful and informative sessions at the pre natal classes, my pregnancy experience was very pleasant. It helped me gain a healthy and gradual weight, there was no sugar or BP issues, I was able to deliver normally and post delivery was able to shed the pregnancy weight within a month.

I would surely recommend everyone to checkout these Prenatal cum Yoga sessions at GynaeGalaxy, Baner to experience a healthy, informed and delightful pregnancy experience.


We overall had a very positive experience with Dr. Seema Jain. Right from detection of pregnancy to delivery to post-delivery counseling, she has been ever supportive and caring. The pregnancy was not without its hitches but ensured that correct medications and precautions be taken at the right time. I had spotting during the initial period which made us very tense but she always reassured us during every visit and combined the right amount of medication with diagnosis to ensure a successful pregnancy. I also went into pre term labor in the 34th week but her quick diagnosis, medication and vigilance enabled delaying the delivery by 4 days which was crucial in ensuring that the cortico steroids take effect which resulted in a very healthy baby though pre mature. We were very tensed during these 4 days especially considering that she had a planned vacation coming up but her constant visits and confident demeanor always reassured her. She performed the delivery on her vacation day even though it meant delaying her travel plans. She is extremely professional in her interactions and keeps the number of tests, diagnosis and medication to the minimum required. Many might think that she speaks too little or provides very little counseling time but I believe that is a function of her extremely meticulous ways which helps her remain focused and address critical issues rather than indulge in small talk.


I'm writing this to express our thanks to you and the staff who assisted me during 9 month journey. We are greatful that everything went so positive because of your treatment couple with caring attitude has helped us a lot to have this beautiful journey of my pregnancy. Thank you Dr for the care I received under your supervision. You are actually strong and caring hand for us since I started trying to conceive. We will remember the long journey with you when we discover that I have blocked tubes and I can't conceive.Naturally only IVF treatment left for us to have baby. That was of the of toughest time in our life, it was hard for us to get over from that zone of sadness, but you always offered me a moral support and best treatment to overcome from that problem. We share very trustable relationship with you and always believed in you and it was like that we knew that we would get it and went for IVF process with god's blessing and best treatment we have received under your care and it was successful IVF under first attempt. We on cloud nine, but things not ends here we last the baby in 3rd month and broke with neus and saddened by the miscarriage. We have one more attempt with preserved eggs for IVF, this time it didn't work and we decided to wait for forawhile for fresh IVF. In mean time magic happen as we say life has it own destiny guess what I conceived baby naturally and you were so happy for both of us and we could see that in your eyes too. And from that day the journey started again under your competent and caring supervision and we had received the best care and treatment.

Thank you Seema Mam for your personal attention and efficient handling throughout my pregnancy and help me to delivery beautiful baby girl "Mahika" into our life.

My exp with you mam is so beautiful and positive, we always believed that you are of the best doctor for me. God bless you always.

Please express our appreciation to everyone who worked with me and heart felt gratitude for your support treatment and personal love and attention. Thank you so much Seema Jain mam.


When we first consulted Dr.Seema Jain we were new to Pune and we did not know any kind of background about her. But I thank god for this. She is brilliant and understood the problem my wife had been facing since two years prior to consultation. She solved the problem and within a year the dream of becoming father came true. Later, I myself referred 3-4 parents from my company and everyone shared the same experience.

I and my wife are very thankful to Dr.Seema Jain for her great professionalism.

Nikita Bhandari

We have been fortunate enough to approach you as the doctor who would guide us and take us through the memorable journey of first parenthood. You have been polite, understanding clam and patient with our queries and have guided us in right direction for every aspect of pregnancy.

A special thank you for showing the faith and confidence in me and entrusting the same in me which enabled me to delivered normally.

We are highly satisfied for having approached you for your guidance and would continue to seek the same in future.

Rachna Singh

This is to thank you very much for your appreciable efforts, in making our most memorable moment so enjoyable. This is our token of thanks for your on time guidance during delivery and especially supporting normal delivery considering up down in sonography report. Si, we would like to appreciate the judgement taken during the decision making for delivery during prelabor process.

Als owe would like to thank for keeping your suggestions and providing prescriptins in keeping both mumma-baby healthy after birth.

Many thanks for your continuous support and guidance.

Manish Tyagi

I remember the day when we first visited Dr.Seema Jain 9 months back. My wife had missed abortion and diagnosed as di-delphi uterus. We were in great tension because of both specially due to uterus. But upon visiting Drall our worries were gone. She gave us confidence that there is nothing to worry and everything will be fine. Under her observation my wife got pregnant and treated well. Also over the regular visits she had taken care very well. At the completion of 8th month of pregnancy wife needs to be hospitalized due to emergency. In such panic, situation also she has taken care very well and all decisions were taken well in benefit of patient. At the end we were very happy and blessed with boy.

Nurse and their supporting staff were also very good and services were prompt. Overall good experience.

Jaya Reddy

We wish to immensely thank you for taking so good care of us all the pregnancy and delivery procedure. We are extremely grateful for the constant support you provided to us in consulting diagnosis and treatment schedules.

Our special thanks to you for keeping us inspired and unconditionally motivated to face the whole phase and let it get through successfully. Your 'clam' and 'stay positive' attitude helped us a great deal.

Thank you so much once again.

Dipti Lagad

I begin with a handful of thanks towards Dr.Seema Jain for begin so patient and took my pregnancy in a positive way. She was available during my labor and supported me for normal and safe delivery. I was admitted for five days and she took my follow up every day for the same. She and her team was continuously monitoring me for my healthy pregnancy. I should definitely say that she is a promoter for normal delivery.

At the bottom line I am happy and thankful to delivery a baby under her guidance.

Amit Jadhav

When we came to know that we are expecting our second child there are no limits to our happiness. As we were new in this place, we were searching for the good consultation which will help us a proper and an appropriate treatment throughout this very important phase of nine months, we were searching through the internet and other medica and found out very good gynaecologist in this area we shortlisted and decided to go with Dr.Seema Jain After meeting the dr and the initial conversation we found that our case is in the good hands . As this was our second experience we never went off the track anytime throughout the full term of nine months and whatever the doctor used to suggest was very much proper according to the situation. We learnt some new treatment such as MBFD test which was very important in our case. After the whole term of nine months nine days the final day occurred of the delivery. After completing the whole term my wife didn't get any labor pain. We went through sonography and that indicated that the weight of the baby has increased to 4 kg which is overweight. My wife was not feeling baby movement and got tensed.

After showing sonography report to the doctor she told that chances of normal delivery is very less. She planned to get my wife admitted the next day evening and start the procedure of inducing to get the artificial labor pain when we came in the morning for NST test we were prepared enough to get admitted in the morning itself and no more wasting time to start the procedure. As the time has nearly crossed more than nine months nine days and still more my wife has read a lot about the post term delivery and was bit worried about its ill effects. We were surprised to know that the very same day doctor was out for the day. The tension was increasing hour by hour . Thousands of possibilities was running through the mind . We were trying every bit possibility to get in touch with doctor and convince her to get my wife admit and start the procedure but the doctor wanted to do the delivery of my herself as she was very much confident about handling our case. As per her request, my wife got admitted around 6pm . We had decided anyhow due to baby weight issue doctor was opting for CS as the last option then instead of tomorrow why not right now itself ? We had a big argument session with OPD doctors and when I had a final discussion with Dr.Seema Jain, she was very much confident about the Normal Delivery. She convinced me and we went with her advice. The inducting procedure was done and my wife started getting labor pains. This period was very tough as the pains increased I used to disturb the night doctors and sisters very oftenly to look after her. I am very much thankful to Dr.Seema Jain the way she handled the case. I am also thankful to all the doctors and sisters present in the night who helped to get the delivery done normally.