Fertility Solutions

The Birth of a Dream

If you or your loved one is struggling to build a family, you need to know there are many roads you can take to find a solution. Whether you require a simple approach or other advanced techniques, CheQKmate with a myriad of options will guide you to help determine what's best for your family.

Fertility treatments do not make impossible pregnancies possible; they make improbable pregnancies probable.

Fertility Management Ladder

As an insight, here is a stepwise approach to the management of infertility in indications like Ovulation dysfunction, mild male factor infertility and unexplained infertility. Depending on the cause, the first step towards fertility solution may vary. In some cases, expectant management may be the first step, whereas in some other, IVF/ICSI may be the only option.


Factors that determines the approach and success of fertility management –

  • Female age
  • Cause of Infertility
  • Duration of Infertility
  • Previous treatment attempts
  • Patient preferences
Note :
  • This is a rough depiction of Infertility treatment
  • Treatment may need to be customised on an individual basis
  • Fertility Surgery may be a part of Fertility Assessment and / or management
  • Third Party Reproduction may be indicated in certain cases

Treatment Options

As a start, here is a rough guide to the range of treatment options offered depending on the cause of Infertility.

Ovulation Tracking
  • women with irregular cycles
  • unexplained Infertility
  • initial step in fertility assessment
  • part of other fertility treatment options
Ovulation Induction
  • women with unexplained infertility
  • women with irregular cycles
  • women who do not ovulate spontaneously
  • part of other fertility treatment options
  • Women who ovulate irregularly
  • Intercourse is not possible
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Mild male factor problems
  • Husband is away for long stretches
  • Donor insemination if male partner does not produce sperms
  • Couples with sexual dysfunction
  • Women with damaged tubes
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Male infertility
  • Severe Endometriosis
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve
  • Failure with other techniques like fertility drugs, IUI
  • Is a part of Third Party Reproduction
  • ICSI is considered in case of severe male infertility
Donor Sperm
  • No sperm in semen
  • Genetic/Infectious disease in the male
  • Recurrent IVF cycle failure
Donor Egg
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve
  • Risk of passing a genetic disease
  • Recurrent IVF cycle failure
Donor Embryo
  • Both partners are infertile
  • Risk of passing on genetic disorders
  • Recurrent IVF failures
  • Absent / unhealthy / fibroid uterus
  • Risk to life of a woman if they carry a pregnancy
  • Woman too old to carry a pregnancy safely
  • Life threatening if they carry a pregnancy
  • Recurrent IVF failure with good quality embryos
Note: Fertility Preservation / Fertility Surgery can be an exclusive treatment option or can be complemented with other fertility solutions.