Fertility Lab

The Mystery behind the Magic

Fertility lab is one of the important components in the whole spectrum of Infertility starting from diagnosis to assessment to management. It is also useful in developing new approaches and advancing research aimed at fighting this illness to find a cure and fill the empty arms with an angel.

Fertility Lab is not only an important component but also a critical one. The core of the infertility management revolves around these labs. CheQKmate strongly believes in combining well established clinical practices with the newest validated laboratory methods for our patients.

Endocrinology Lab


The heart of cause as well as treatment of infertility is intricately related to hormonal health. The Endocrinology Lab analyses the blood work-up for reproductive hormones of the male as well as the female. Hormones typically analysed at Endocrinology Lab include –

Cycle independent hormone important for checking ovarian reserve

Checks for the ovarian reserve in females and production of sperms (spermatogenesis) in males.
Ratio of FSH:LH is important in PCOS patients

Checks the thyroid status

Important in gauging the health of the pituitary glands

Important in determining as well as monitoring treatment

Indicates ovulation as well as Luteal Phase deficiency

Indicates pregnancy

Checks for male hormonal health

Other hormones like DHEAS, 17 OHP, Cortisol are helpful in patients of PCOS.

Andrology Lab


The Andrology Lab is an integral part of the assessment of male partner and treatment of infertility. CheQKmate offers male patients Andrology services in a private and comfortable atmosphere. The semen collection room is located in the same area as our Andrology lab. The Andrology lab offers a variety of comprehensive diagnostic tests, processing of semen samples (for IUI, IVF, ICSI) and Cryobanking.

Andrology Lab offerings at CheQKmate include -

An essential test for evaluating male factor infertility. Mainly looks for the count, motility and morphology of the sperm.

Important for determining the fertilising potential of sperm.

This is done prior to IUI as well as IVF/ICSI to enhance the fertilising capacity of the sperm.

Includes collection, freezing and storage of sperm for future use.

Embryology Lab


The Embryology Lab is a specialised lab that holds the actual making of a new life in its hands. It provides a unique service of preparing the eggs and the sperms to form embryos and keeping those embryos for their growth and development till it is transferred back to the uterus. The secret of IVF success depends on the standards of the Embryology lab to simulate the conditions that exists inside the female reproductive tract.

CheQKmate conducts IVF procedures in one of the best labs of the region. The equipment within the laboratory is what really sets our laboratory apart from other IVF centres.

Embryology Lab offerings at CheQKmate include –

Identification of eggs, fertilisation by sperm, embryo culture and embryo transfer

Injection of single sperm into an egg is achieved by use of micro manipulator

Useful in cases of eggs with thick zona and in cases of recurrent IVF failure

Known to improve the chances of implantation

In men with no sperm in semen, sperm can be extracted by techniques like TESA, PESA, etc.

Cryo preservation of sperm, eggs and embryos is done using liquid nitrogen.