Third Party Reproduction

Surrogate Program

The 'Queen'

In biblical days if a woman could not get pregnant or carry a baby, it was acceptable for the husband to have a baby by having relation with another woman or adopting from in the family. With changing society norms and advent of newer technologies, surrogacy has become one of the coveted options. Unlike adoption, it offers a possibility for parents to be genetically related to the baby.

Rising infertility has led to innovative reproductive techniques offering more opportunities for infertile couples to enjoy the fundamental right of parenting children. Greater awareness regarding surrogacy and its rising popularity has seen many couples turn to it as a possibility to fulfil their parenthood dreams.

Top reasons why people choose Surrogacy

  • Woman has had a hysterectomy or an illness that prevents them from carrying a pregnancy
  • Needs to take a medication which would adversely affect a growing fetus
  • They're too old to carry a pregnancy safely
  • Life threatening situation if they carry a pregnancy
  • Are born without a uterus or have a condition where their uterine lining will not sustain a pregnancy
  • Have fibroids that have grown in the uterus
  • Has had three or four unsuccessful IVF cycles with good quality embryos
Surrogacy Process at CheQKmate

Surrogacy Process at CheQKmate

  • Registration &
    • Book Initial consultation or mail your request
    • Review of medical records and other documents
    • Discuss the need for third party reproduction
    • Understanding the process of surrogacy
    • Confirmation on eligibility for surrogacy
  • Shortlist the
    • Screening of a suitable surrogate profile
    • Introduction of surrogate to intended parents
    • Three way coordination between intended parents, surrogates and our team.
    • Shortlist the possible surrogate options
  • Recruit a right
    • Medical re-screening of the surrogate
    • Psychological counselling of the surrogate
    • Discuss financial and emotional concerns with both parties
  • The Legal
    • Agreement for Surrogacy between the ART centre and the surrogate
    • Agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate
  • The Treatment
    • Synchronisation of your and the surrogate cycle
    • Ovarian stimulation for 10 - 12 days.
    • Preparation of the surrogate's uterus
    • Egg retrieval of the genetic mother / egg donor
    • IVF / ICSI with the sperm of partner.
    • Embryo Transfer in surrogate mother uterus
    • Pregnancy Test after 10 - 12 days of embryo transfer
  • Pregnancy and
    • Well designed diet plan
    • Iron Calcium supplements
    • Routine blood investigations and ultrasound
    • Screening for fetal chromosomal
    • Vaccination
    • Delivery of the baby and handing over process to intended parents