Maternity Services


Let's keep it Natural And NORMAL

So now you are towards the end of nine months; Get ready for the miracle. Childbirth is a challenge of the lifetime, but it is also an emotional, mental and physical rush like no other. It is an experience that you may be looking ahead with trepidation, but that you'll likely look back on with purest joy. Each birth is different, miraculous and a rare day of your lifetime.

After nine months of incredible growth and changes both in the mother and the fetus, labor may finally start, signaling the impending birth of your baby. Many women fear the prospect of delivering their child. Yes, it will hurt and yes it will last awhile. For first timers, it generally lasts for 12 – 14 hours and 6 – 8 hours for the ones who have given birth before

Birthing at CheQKmate

Two things will help get you through those long hours: one - knowing that at the end of this painful process there will a prized possession in your hands and two - familiarizing yourself with what will happen and when. So you won't be surprised when it happens to you. "Welcome Motherhood" program at CheQKmate helps you prepare for labor and child birth so that you are not caught unaware.

Pregnancy is a natural event and at CheQKmate, we'll go all the way to assist you for a natural normal child birth, unless and until indicated otherwise. CheQKmate helps the parents fully experience the birth of their child as a truly magical, unique and life changing moment that it really is.

We, at CheQKmate, believe in keeping the birthing process natural and normal along with the right birthing center for you. All patients registered at CheQKmate are directed to one of the most well equipped hospitals with the state of the art mother and child care unit.

The Bump to the Baby

Should I go to the Hospital?

Yes, if you –
  • Have Uterine Contractions
  • Start leaking per-vaginally
  • Start bleeding per-vaginally
  • Notice decrease in your baby movements
Bump to the Baby

What to expect once I reach Hospital ?

What to expect once I reach Hospital

On-call duty Doctor will perform the following -

  • Note history of signs and symptoms
  • Assess your medical records
  • Check baby heartbeat
  • Internal examination
  • Electronic fetal monitoring
  • Inform the Consultant about the labor status

Admission, if required.

What to expect during labor ?

Yes, if you –
  • Increase in frequency and intensity of contractions
  • You'll be given an enema
  • Frequent fetal heartbeat checks
  • Internal checks to assess the progress of labor
  • Pain relief in labor
  • Shift to labor room / operation theatre for delivery
What to expect during labor

Modes of Delivery

Modes of Delivery
Normal Delivery

We, at CheQKmate, make all efforts to try and give you the best chance to have a normal delivery keeping in mind to avoid any risk to the mother and the baby. The preparation of the mother for labor starts right in her second trimester when she enrolls for the 'Welcome Motherhood' program. The yoga exercises, the breathing techniques and the educational videos depicting the actual process of labor and the talk series by our speakers makes the woman well prepared for the process of labor.

Vaccum Assisted / Forceps Delivery

There are times when the laboring mother gets exhausted or the baby starts having breathing problems just before the delivery. In such cases we help out the mother and the baby with the use of vaccum and in rare cases forceps. Vaccum assisted delivery is a pretty safe option if conducted at the right time and in a right manner.

Vaccum Assisted / Forceps Delivery
Caesarean Section
Caesarean Section

CheQKmate does not believe in cesarean section as option for mothers who do not have risk to themselves or the baby. We strongly discourage mothers from opting for a cesarean section due to fear of labor. Cesarean section is considered only when the mother or the baby is at risk.