Fertility Overview

Life Begins Here

It takes something special to achieve what once seemed to be an impossible dream. At every step of your fertility journey, you ask yourself: Is it worth it? Do I really want it that bad? Do I close the door on my dream or wait for hope to work? Many such dilemmas cause a havoc and make it difficult for you to make up your mind, and here's where we step in.

In this section, you'll get to browse through various aspects of fertility starting from getting to know about fertility to what to do about Infertility.

Fertility Facts


Your Belief Won't change the Facts

Get to know what is real and you'll obviously have a better understanding of your own fertility and how it works. Planned Parenthood is all about knowing when to plan for a baby. CheQKmate gets you to the fertility facts so that you can make the choices that maximises your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby – whether that's now or down the track.

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Fertility Assessment



Though infertility is a common issue and despite internet being a giant warehouse stocked with resources, couples lack accurate and adequate information about it. Only a fertility specialist can help you understand what's best for you. After groping in the dark (pun intended) for what feels like an eternity, it is time to see your fertility specialist to know about the how, what, when and where of infertility and help draw out an individualised treatment plan for you.

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Fertility Solution



Should I go the artificial way? Would the 'artificial' way not be as beautiful because the baby wasn't made the 'real' way? With a couple of conversations, a quick peak inside, a few tweaks here and there, we have a formula nailed down for you. Although the path to conception can be diverse, creating a human being can be the ultimate form of art. The 'natural' way or the 'artificial' way; we're here to help you give birth to your dream.

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Third Party Reproduction


The Power of Three

Scarcity defines Value; and when it comes to reproduction the most valuable is the presence of good quality eggs/sperm and a womb. There are couples who cannot reproduce in their own genetic and biological capacity. Such infertile couples may need help of sperm/eggs/embryos or wombs from third parties who are not expected to play a role in raising the child. Third Party Reproduction is an upcoming and a much sought after option by infertile couples in this era.

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Fertility Preservation


Freezing for the Future

Just a few decades back the only word used alongside freezing for preservation was Vegetables; but with Apple offering egg preservation as a company policy, the context has completely altered. Though Science cannot outrun Nature, fertility preservation is here to stay with increasing incidence of cancer and rising age for childbearing. There has been a growing trend in Fertility Preservation ; be it out of choice or medical reason. Albeit a controversial and a complex topic, fertility preservation is a key issue when it comes to procreating with the use of assisted reproduction.

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Fertility Lab


The Mystery behind the Magic

Akin to an iceberg where in only the tip is seen and major chunk which is unseen is important; in Assisted Reproduction too the unseen part of handling the eggs and the sperm which happens in the laboratory is critical. The 'behind the scene' techniques in the laboratory play an important role in the success story of infertile couples journey.

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