Third Party Reproduction


Helping the Belly
to Get the Bump

CheQKmate offers a range of fertility services and treatment to assist our patients in conception including third party reproduction. While resorting to donor option may seem daunting, our experienced and dedicated team has helped many couples bring home their bundle of joy. Creating a family is a choice and donor program offers couples an opportunity to build a family legacy for generations to come.


The egg donation process is not as well known as sperm donation, nor is it as straight forward. Using an egg donor is an experience that may be entirely unknown within your circle of family and friends. We look forward to help you fulfil your dreams of parenthood

  • Consultation & Evaluation
    • Review of medical records
    • Review of treatment options already taken in the past
    • Discuss the need for Egg Donation
  • Getting Started
    • Meet your Donor Egg Coordinator
    • Donor selection process
    • Psychological Counselling
  • Pre-Cycle Testing
    • Blood tests including hormones/infectious disease and semen analysis
    • Uterine evaluation may be done by hysteroscopy
    • Additional tests depending on individual circumstances
  • The
    Medical Cycle
    • An informed written consent is taken from the recipient as well as the donor
    • Synchronisation of the egg donor and the recipient cycle
    • Ovarian stimulation of the egg donor is done 10 to 12 days following period
    • Preparation of uterine lining of the recipient is done for implantation
    • Egg Donor undergoes egg retrieval
    • Eggs are fertilised with the sperm specimen of the recipient partner
    • Embryo transfer is done 3 to 5 days later
    • Pregnancy test is done after 10 to 12 days

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, there's nothing that distinguishes a donor egg pregnancy from any other. You body simply takes over! Pregnancy delivery and lactation all go in a natural way.