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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)


iui-top No one ever desires fertility problems, but it happens to the best of us, and so we have to start looking into ways in which we can conceive despite nature not cooperating fully. An IUI is one way to make pregnancy happen, even when it's not happening on its own. IUI is considered to be an intermediate treatment modality before attempting use of advanced treatments like IVF/ICSI.

IUI: Indications & Variations

IUI is indicated in cases of ovulation problems, cervical hostility, early endometriosis, mild male factor problems and unexplained infertility. It is also offered in couples with sexual dysfunction. The source of the sperm that is used in IUI can be of any of the following combinations

Ovulation Induction: Indications & Variations

Artificial Insemination with partner sperm

Artificial Insemination with partner sperm

Artificial Insemination with donor sperm

Artificial Insemination with donor sperm

IUI can be done in a natural cycle or a stimulated cycle.

IUI Process at CheQKmate

IUI techniques differ from clinic to clinic, often depending on your individual circumstances. A typical IUI process at CheQKmate involves 2 stages:

Stage 1: Pre Ovulation Induction Workup

  • Getting Started
    • Detailed review of your medical history
    • Evaluation of your previous treatment, if any
    • Lifestyle modifications, if required
  • Pre-Cycle Screening


    • Blood test of both partners to check their fertility potential
    • Qualitative semen analysis of your partner
  • Psychological Counseling

    We consider counseling to be a key element in the provision of fertility services of all patients. We're sensitive to the emotions experienced by the couple having difficulty in conceiving and the stress of the treatment itself.

    • Will be offered by a professional counselor
    • Will be available at any time during the treatment process

Stage 2: The Medical Cycle

Once your detailed assessment and psychological counseling has been completed, you'll be now be started on Ovulation Induction.

  • Ovarian Stimulation
    • Started from day 2/3 of cycle
    • use of tablets or hormonal injections
    • aim is to produce 2 to 4 eggs in one cycle
  • Monitoring
    • for adequate follicular development
    • using ultrasound and blood tests
  • Egg Release
    • Ovulation trigger once the follicles are large enough
    • Helpful for timing of IUI
  • Semen Collection

    Egg Release will be synchronised with IUI

    • Timed Intercourse
    • IUI
    • IVF / ICSI
  • Egg Release will be synchronised with IUI
  • Sperm Washing
    • Most active sperm is isolated
    • Ideal post wash count should be: >= 10 million / ml
    • May take up to one to two hours
  • Insertion
    • Done vaginally
    • Prepared semen inserted using a thin catheter
    • Takes 5 – 10 min
    • Patient rests for 10 min following the procedure
  • Pregnancy Test
    • Hormonal supplementation is given
    • Pregnancy test is done 16 – 20 days after procedure

About 80% pregnancies due to IUI occur within the first three to four IUI cycles, post which the success rate lowers. We generally recommend a maximum of four IUI cycles, but this depends upon the age of the patient and the cause and duration of infertility.

Your chances with IUI

The success rate of IUI depends on the following factors -

  • Age of the woman
  • Use of Fertility Drugs
  • Cause of Infertility
  • No. of Insemination per cycle

At CheQKmate, we ensure right patient selection, high standards in quality of stimulation and andrology lab resulting in high success rate.

Success Rates

  • Age: <30

    20% - 22%
  • Age: 30 – 35

    16% - 18%
  • Age: 36 – 40

    12% – 14%