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Ovulation Induction is first line treatment for infertility in many straight forward cases and is indicated in ovulating as well as in non ovulating women. Ovulation Induction is achieved with use of fertility drugs to cause ovulation (in women who do not ovulate) or for growth of multiple eggs (in women who ovulate) to increase their chance of conception. Recent studies suggest that subtle defects in ovulation (even in ovulatory women) can lead to infertility. Fertility drugs induce two to three eggs to mature versus only one; often improving the quality and quantity of the eggs released and enhancing the pregnancy rates.

Becoming pregnant is dependent on the release of a healthy egg capable of being fertilised by a healthy sperm. Apart from external factors, ovulation problems can be caused by deficiency in one of the controlling hormones (FSH/LH), which can be successfully treated with medication.

Ovulation Induction: Indications & Variations

At CheQKmate, we offer Ovulation Induction to women -

  • with unexplained infertility
  • with irregular infrequent cycles
  • who are not spontaneously ovulating

Ovulation Induction may be followed by any of these options -

  • Timed Intercourse
  • IUI
  • IVF / ICSI


Ovulation Induction techniques differ from clinic to clinic, often depending on your individual circumstances. A typical Ovulation Induction process at CheQKmate involves 2 stages:

Stage 1: Pre Ovulation Induction Workup

  • Pre Ovulation Induction Workup
    • Detailed review of your medical history
    • Evaluation of your previous treatment, if any
    • Lifestyle modifications, if required
  • Pre-Cycle Screening
    • Blood test of both partners to check their fertility potential
    • Qualitative semen analysis of your partner
  • Psychological Counseling

    We consider counseling to be a key element in the provision of fertility services of all patients. We're sensitive to the emotions experienced by the couple having difficulty in conceiving and the stress of the treatment itself.

    • Will be offered by a professional counselor
    • Will be available at any time during the treatment process

Stage 2: The Medical Cycle

Once your detailed assessment and psychological counseling has been completed, you'll be now be started on Ovulation Induction.

  • Ovarian Stimulation
    • Started from day 2/3 of cycle
    • use of tablets or hormonal injections
    • aim is to produce two to four eggs in one cycle
  • Monitoring
    • for adequate follicular development
    • using ultrasound and blood tests
  • Egg Release
    • Ovulation trigger once the follicles are large enough
    • Helpful for timing of IUI
  • Synchronisation

    Ovulation synchronised with any of these options:

    • Timed Intercourse
    • IUI
    • IVF / ICSI
  • YOUR CHANCES WITH Ovulation Induction

YOUR CHANCES WITH Ovulation Induction


Ovulation Induction produces pregnancy rates of 8 – 10% per cycle depending on the age, diagnosis and duration of infertility.