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When any person needs IVF treatments, it generally means, he or she have surpassed all other options of fertility treatment and now left with only IVF treatment process to deal with their infertility issues. If we go by the statistics, every year, millions of infertility issues are reported worldwide, amongst which most of them need to undergo IVF treatments to have a child of their own.

When we talk about IVF procedures, it is not just limited to a single method, there are many procedures through which the IVF specialist directs the infertile couples to give birth to a child without having to go through the natural biological processes. It is saddening when you are not fit enough to bear a child, but the ray hope never dies as today you have the option to have your own child through the IVF procedures.

Let us discuss more on the various IVF processes and their success rate. Read on below to know more

More about IVF procedures

Before you head on to take the IVF treatments for your infertility issues, you must be well informed about the reason behind your infertility. No matter whether it is the male partner or the female partner, infertility can grope anybody.

So, get checked up as to who amongst you is affected (or at times it may be that you both are infertile) and thereby, your infertility specialist would suggest you the IVF treatments which are best suited for your condition.

Generally, in the case of male infertility, the help of a male donor is taken and he donates his sperm to fertilize the female partners’ eggs. This procedure is carried out in vitro, i.e. outside of the female body and the fertilized gamete is then transferred to the woman's uterus or fallopian tube for further processing of the pregnancy and childbirth.

When you choose the best ivf center for your infertility treatments, the chances of unsuccessful pregnancy becomes less as the specialist there are always experts in what they do! In the case of female infertility, either a female donor or a surrogate mother is needed to carry out the IVF procedure and to provide the couple with their own child.

Some of these ivf techniques are ICSI, IUI, ZIFT, GIFT, artificial insemination, test tube baby, surrogacy, etc. It depends on your fertility conditions as in which treatment is best suited for you and thereby, your fertility expert guides you towards that!

More about the IVF success rate

When you choose the best ivf doctor for your IVF treatments, you can be certainly sure that your IVF pregnancy would be successful. However, the rate of IVF success depends on the health conditions and lifestyle habits of pregnant females who are undergoing IVF treatment.

For example, if you are above the age of 35 or 40, chances of successful IVF pregnancy lower down. Likewise, if you are addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle like drinking and smoking excessively, having unhealthy food, taking too much stress, etc. then also it affects your IVF success rate by a greater extent.

So, if you are eyeing for a positive IVF procedure followed by successful childbirth, you ought to be physically fit and healthy alongside lead a healthy life as well. If in any case, still, you face repeated failure in your IVF pregnancy, then it is hugely recommended that you opt for other procedure like surrogacy instead of other IVF treatments.

Statistics suggest that the earlier you receive the IVF treatments, the more are the chances to have it successfully executed. Every year the growth rate of infertile couples keep increasing but thankfully today we have eth means of advanced treatments to deal with these infertile couples and provide then the happiness and joy of being parents of their own child through the various IVF procedures available to assist them all throughout!

The bottom line

Infertility has better treatments possibilities when treated at the right time. You must not assume that your sexual intercourse treatments are failing just like that and you are fully fertile to give birth to a child.

In most cases, when the infertile couples delay in seeking treatment, it is when they fall apart and even if chances are there to get the best treatments, they seldom remain physically fit for that.

So, it is verily suggested that you visit the best gynecologist whenever you face any difficulty in the reproductive process or face obstruction in childbirth. Also, you must remember that infertility is not just about women, men are also prone to being infertile and the symptoms include erectile dysfunction, reduced ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, etc.

So, when you find out there is any abnormality in being pregnant or you are not able to conceive, consult an infertility specialist as soon as possible; delayed treatments are almost treatment denied!

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