Smoking and Sperms! Alcohol and Fertility!

Friday, 16 September 2016 Written by  Super User

There cannot be any apprehension that smoking and alcohol is the most dangerous habit one can get addicted to. These dreadful habits affects the life expectancy of an individual and it is also said that every cigarette a man smokes reduces his life by 11 minutes. On the other hand alcohol may damage the heart, brain, liver and pancreas.

These habits are not only life threatening, it also takes toll on your mental health when you plan to start a family. Smoking may hamper the quality of the sperm and degrades sperm protein needed for fertility. It may take longer for the couples to get pregnant, particularly if your spouse is a chain smoker. Drinking habits too can really reduce a couple's chances of conceiving. In men alcohol can cause impotence, low libido etc. Women who smoke or exposed to the smoke are at the higher risk of infertility and can take more time to get pregnant. Chronic Drinkers be it male or female, both are more liable to contract diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia than the people who do not have such habits.

Even before one gets into the habit of drinking and smoking, they are very much aware of the consequences; however it may not be so easy to get rid of these habits and would require planning. Initially the individual or the couples can reduce or stop drinking and smoking completely. Making note of the cigarettes or the alcohol consumption can help to track and get rid of the same slowly. The couples can seek help from experts and have an open conversation. Though there is no magic wand for things to happen overnight, but with patience, practice and guidance one can surely overcome and enjoy the most wonderful phase "Being Parents".

We wish you Happy Parenting in advance.

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