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Pregnancy is a big event in a woman's life. It promotes her into the stage of motherhood making her long cherished dream come true! This journey into motherhood takes 40 weeks. A thoughtful preparation is required for this journey to be safe and smooth.

Welcome Motherhood Program at CheQKmate

'Welcome Motherhood' program for expectant mothers, help them to travel through the ups and downs of pregnancy with ease and comfort. At the end of the first trimester, the excitement and elation reaches its peak. Pregnancy is stabilised, nausea gets better. So, now is the time to get you involved in this unique prenatal program offered by CheQKmate. This program ensures you of a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, easy delivery and a healthy baby.

The main highlight of this program is to help you to cope up with the labour pains through various techniques and keep yourself well in control, address all your queries and concerns regarding your pregnancy, the life growing within you, what you can do, what you can't and a hundred other issues concerning your baby are all taken care of during this program.

Other Highlight of Welcome Motherhood program is the involvement of Fathers-to-be, who can be a great asset to the woman in labour. A prepared father provides the right kind of support you need in labour, thus reducing the amount of medication required by the mother in labour. The family bonding is also very strong with the presence of father at the time of birth.

In short, Welcome Motherhood program from CheQKmate ensures to make pregnancy the most vivid and memorable event in your life!!!

Welcome Motherhood Program Framework

Welcome Motherhood program comprises of six sessions for six weeks. Each session spans around two and half hour duration and is usually scheduled over the weekend. Each of the six sessions has three namely –

Yoga & Relaxation

Babies born to mothers who have exercised regularly are much stronger and healthier and do quite good at birth. These techniques (Breathing techniques, relaxation methods, yoga & exercises) also help you to cope up with the labour pains and keep yourself well in control, in spite of the pains, thus making the birth of your baby, a very happy and joyful experience. Post-delivery complications are reduced in a woman who has exercised during pregnancy.

Yoga & Relaxation

Talk Series

Talk Series

Every session would comprise of a lecture on pregnancy related topics and will include information about Overview of Pregnancy, Normal and Assisted delivery, Caesarean Section, Nutrition in pregnancy, Lactation Counseling, Baby Care, Garbh Sanskar and introduction to Stem Cell Therapy. This part of the session is aimed to clarify all your concerns / doubts that you may have in your mind.

Educational Videos

The depiction of the process of child birth, assisted delivery, care of the mother and baby after birth and various other aspects related to pregnancy help in gaining practical knowledge that can make you feel confident and competent in handling pregnancy and child birth. Contact our front office staff for more information.

Educational Videos